Monday, June 27, 2016

Best of the Internet

Last week I got my wisdom teeth removed, leaving me at home to recover. While it was nice at first to have some downtime, I'm beginning to feel that summer boredom that I'm sure lots of you are feeling as well. Luckily, I have a cure. Not only did I write a post on it in the past (click here for some activities to do in the summer!), but I've collected this week's best of the internet for your enjoyment. This week's best of the internet will help to steer away that summer boredom and hopefully inspire you for the rest of the summer. 

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One // Why You're Never Going to Make it in Life Unless You Learn to Be Your Own Best Friend 

If you haven't read my post yet about the art of being alone, but not lonely, then you should definitely go catch up. This article on why you're never going to make it in life unless you learn to be your own best friend relates perfectly to what I mentioned in that post. It's SO important to learn to love spending time with yourself and this article has some great points on that.

Two // Monetizing Your Blog

Another great resources for new bloggers or just bloggers looking to turn their passion into a job is this post by Isabella. There are some great options and tips in this post that help to make monetizing your blog a reality.

Three // How to Establish Your Instagram Aesthetic

Instagram feeds are all the rage, especially for us bloggers, we're always looking to establish that perfect cohesive Instagram aesthetic. This post has some great tips for doing that. My favorite part of the post was the statistics portion, it mentioned what kinds of photos generate more likes. For example, bright photos generate 24% of likes than dark photos and images with more background space generate 29% of likes than ones with less. These statistics are not only interesting, but they help you to figure out what's popular. Obviously you don't have to follow the statistics, but if you're having trouble finding your aesthetic, this can be a guide.

Four // How to Achieve Brighter Whiter Photographs

I love the look of bright white pictures, they look so nice and clean! That isn't always the easiest thing to do, but luckily this post has some great tips on how to achieve that look, including tips for while you're taking pictures as well as photo processing. This includes what you should do while editing to get that whiter and brighter look, the benefits of natural light, as well as some great editing apps and sites.

Five // Twenty Things I Wish I Had Known in My 20s

Although I'm not in my twenties, I think that these life lessons are applicable to all young people. Your twenties and your young years are the perfect years to understand yourself, love yourself, make mistakes, learn new things, explore, and have the time of your life. Don't let these things, like comparing yourself to others, worrying about the future, obsessing about what others think, and more, stop you from enjoying your life.

Six // Brandy Melville: The Controversial Brand that Sells Exactly What Millennials Want

While I've never really been interested in the clothes at Brandy Melville, this article definitely piqued my interest. Brandy Melville has been known for it's "tumblr" photos and "one size fits most" clothing. While I'm not a fan of the "one size fits most" clothing, considering that people come in all shapes and sizes and we shouldn't discriminate against other body types, the photography has definitely interested me, with the "every day girl" look. This article really captured the controversies behind the brand, but also its successes through social media marketing.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Art of Being Alone, But Not Lonely

Being alone. It's not necessarily a fan favorite. Most of the time, it's dreaded. However, I'm a supporter of being alone. Why you ask? There's a common misconception that being alone is a bad thing. Most believe that being alone and isolated causes depression and sadness. Yes, that belief can be true in some cases, but that is called being lonely. The word, lonely has such a negative connotation. We always associate it with negativity. For the sake of this post, I decided to look up the definition of lonely so that we can assess loneliness. 

According to Merriam Webster, the definition of lonely is: 
1) sad from being apart from other people
2) causing sad feelings that come from being apart from other people
3) not visited by or traveled on by many people

While these are all accurate definitions, I think that we commonly mistake being alone for loneliness. The truth is that the only similarity between being lonely and being alone in terms of definition is the third definition of lonely. Not visited by or traveled on by many people. The first and the second can be forms of being alone, but they're not consistently accurate. Maybe in some cases you feel those sad emotions, but it doesn't mean that whenever you're alone, you immediately feel an overwhelming wave of sadness. So are loneliness and being alone the same? My answer to that is that they are absolutely different. Being alone and being lonely can intertwine at times, but I want to focus on the ways that they are different, because these traits are often overlooked. There are so many ways that you can be alone and not be lonely, it all comes down to a certain art. 

self-love, self-care, alone, lonely, loneliness

The art of being alone is an acquired trait, one that takes time and patience to gain, just like any other skill. It takes practice. However, this is a unique trait in the form that it can never be mastered. No matter how much you try, you'll never be able to not feel loneliness. It's inevitable. However, I believe that we should make the best of every situation and that's exactly what I'm going to do. Although no one can master the art of being alone, but not lonely, I'm going to get as close as possible. Just because something is impossible, doesn't mean that you shouldn't try. I strive for more happy alone time and less loneliness. Even if there's no guarantee that I'll never experience loneliness again, there's still nothing that I wouldn't do to experience it less. So let's get to it. How can you acquire the art of being alone? The main answer to this is self-love.

How do I Find Happiness in Being Alone?

The thing about being alone is that you're not truly alone. You always have yourself. I think that the best and most effective way to stop feeling lonely to to embrace yourself. You are your own best friend, whether you like it or not. At the end of the day, no matter how many people you once surrounded yourself, you're just going to be left with yourself. You can't run or hide from yourself, so why bother? The best thing that you can do is learn to love yourself, even if it is a Justin Bieber song title. 
Think of it this way, if you don't want to spend time with yourself, then why would anyone want to spend time with you? Learning to be happy when you're alone comes with enjoying your own company. I personally love spending time with myself because I can be free. Often when you're spending time with others, you're constantly worried about what they think about you and how they perceive you, which is something that I'm hyper-aware of. When I'm alone, I feel like I'm free of judgment. I don't have to worry about anyone else's feelings or opinions, only mine. 
The great thing about being alone is that you can be selfish. I can do what I want and not have to worry about what others might prefer or have to make compromises on what to do. I can take my time doing the things that I love, not doing what someone else might love. Being alone is all about me, and me only. And I love that, because sometimes it's okay to be a little selfish, it's a part of self-love, putting yourself first. When you're alone, you're able to blossom and grow, work on yourself. 

What do I do when I'm alone?

When in public, this is the age old question. The immediate response is, "TAKE OUT YOUR PHONE AND LOOK BUSY!" I get it, I've done that a million times. When you're alone and in public, it can often be a little awkward. Do you people watch? Do you pretend that you're waiting for someone? Do you act like you're busy and you actually have a social life?  Or is it all of the above? I've experienced my fair share of awkward moments where I've been pretending to be busy, when in reality, I just felt awkward being alone. I think that the best way to combat this awkward uneasiness with being alone is confidence. 
Obviously, confidence is so difficult to attain, but it can branch from self-love, which I previously mentioned. When you learn to love yourself and appreciate all your qualities, the good and the bad, you learn to be okay with being alone and dealing with how people perceive you. The best thing that you can do is keep your head up and smile. Maybe everyone around you is surrounded by their friends or they look busy, but as long as you have trust in who you are, confidence with yourself, you will be able to ignore all of that. The best thing that you can do in order to feel more confident is to just fake it. Stand up straight and tall, radiate self-love, dress nicely, anything that makes you feel just a tiny bit more confident. When you're alone, as long as you have self-love and confidence, you'll be untouchable. Don't let it bother you if it's a little bit awkward to be alone, as long as you feel great, that is all that matters.
In terms of how you can boost your self-confidence and love for yourself, I suggest a party for one. (I have tons of ideas for what you can do at a party for one by yourself here!) Take yourself out on a date, go for a shopping trip, take a walk, head to your favorite coffee shop, anything. The thing about the art of being alone is that it takes practice. You know what they say, practice makes perfect, and this is no exception. Spend some time by yourself, whether it's at home or in public (in public is a bit better for stepping out of your comfort zone) and learn to enjoy some alone time. Learn to ignore those awkward alone moments and learn to be a little selfish on your own time.

How do I deal with loneliness?

While practicing the art of being alone, you're bound to hit some road blocks and experience loneliness, which is completely natural. So how do you deal with it when you happen to run into it?
When it gets tough and you do feel lonely, it's natural to want to fill that empty space. However, this can in some cases be worse. It's where you pull in what I call "filler friends," people that you wouldn't necessarily spend time with unless you had no better alternatives. While this sounds harsh to your companions, the hard truth is that sometimes we spend time with people just for the sake of not wanting to be alone, fearing loneliness. Everyone does this. Sometimes you're the one with filler friends and sometimes you are the filler friend. You can either choose to seek new friends when dealing with loneliness (but beware of latching onto filler friends) or you can practice self-love. I personally try to avoid filling loneliness with new people because they generally tend to be filler friends, not genuine friends that I want to spend time with. I like to take this road block and turn it to my benefit so that I can improve my self-love.
Self-love isn't just about loving yourself, but it's also about doing things for yourself, it involves self-care. It's putting your happiness and well-being first. You can deal with loneliness by finding solace in the things that you love and investing your time into self-care. Binge-watch on Netflix, work on your passion project, eat all the food, do things that you enjoy. The best way to fill loneliness is by doing something that makes you happy. Treat yourself to a day at the spa or buy that top that you've totally been eyeing. Have a self-love day or a "me" day. Indulge in the things that you love so that you're not lonely anymore, you're enjoying spending time with yourself. The answer to loneliness is restarting the cycle, trying harder to perfect the art of being alone. Be selfish, be your own best friend, be the kind of person that you love.

At times, being alone may intertwine with being lonely, like when you hit a road block or you're still working on the art of being alone. It's easy to fall through the cracks and feel sad because there's no one around, but it's not something that we have to let drag us down. Although we commonly mistake being alone for being lonely, it doesn't have to be that way. We can change it. It may have a negative connotation now, but it doesn't have to be that way forever. Let's paint a new picture of being alone. One where you can be free, you can be a little bit selfish, and you can do everything that you want to do. The art of being alone may start with self-love, but one of the first things that you can do to get on the road to practicing this art is looking upon the journey positively. Stop thinking of alone as being lonely and start seeing it as an opportunity. An opportunity to spend more time with yourself, love yourself, cherish yourself. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Flight

Long flights can be so physically and mentally straining. Spending hours in a plane definitely isn't fun. It's boring and it often feels like a total waste of time. During the summer, I'm sure that a lot of people may be flying out on adventures. While being stuck in the plane for hours isn't the most ideal way to spend your time, I've figured out some things that you can do on the plane in order to either foster productivity, make the flight a little more bearable, or both. You don't have to let the flight strain you, but instead you can take advantage of this time and make the most of it.

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One // Listen to a Podcast.

As of recently, this has been one of my favorite things to do while traveling to pass time. Since I tend to get nauseous while traveling, I sometimes need to take moments to not stare at anything, meaning turning off the games and movies, and just sit there. Obviously, it's a little boring to just sit on the plane doing nothing, especially for long periods of time. There are so many different Podcasts out there that there is something for everyone, whether you're into comedy, news, advice, whatever your heart desires. Some of the Podcasts that I've recently been enjoying on long flights include How They Blog and Make it Happen. If you're a creative entrepreneur or a blogger, I found this fantastic post with 9 podcasts specifically aimed at this audience. I've recently been interested in listening to podcasts with blog advice so that I can be productive and pass the time. If you're not interested in blogging, which is totally okay, there is so much more to pick from!

Bonus tip: Itching to get productive? Pick an educational podcast that will educate you on something that you're interested in. This isn't limited to merely academic content, but if you want to learn more about a certain topic, there are lots of informative podcasts on various topics. 

Two // Listen to an audiobook or read.

I always complain about not having enough time to read, so this long period of time is the perfect opportunity to read. As previously mentioned, I personally am sometimes not able to focus on a book due to motion sickness, so audiobooks are a great option as well. Audiobooks are generally very long, usually quite a few hours, so it provides lots of content for even the longest flights. If you're not one for audiobooks, bring a book or an eBook to pass the time. This is your chance to take advantage of the time, plus reading is generally the kind of thing that I always want to do but am never able to get around to. On my last flight, I listened to the Vacationers audiobook and it made the flight a whole lot easier. 

Bonus tip: While companies like Audible are great, if you're looking for free audiobooks, check out your local library's website, you can borrow a ton of great titles. This site, Hoopla, has a fantastic selection of audiobooks, eBooks, music, and even movies that you can borrow for free if your library is paired up with it. 

Three // Play with cards.

This obviously only works if you have a travel companion, but there are lots of games that you can play with just some cards. Before you embark, look up some card games that you can play with your travel companion(s). My favorite card game is speed, but there are way more games out there. Try learning some new card games that you've never heard of, because there is so much more than go-fish!
Bonus tip: Sick of the same old card games? Invent your own card game and then play it!

Four // Map Out Your Travels.

If you're going on a vacation and you haven't had time to plan out the sights that you want to see and when you want to see them, don't fret, the plane time is the perfect opportunity to plan it out! Bring along some travel resources, like some article printouts or a travel guide and plan out where you want to visit during your travels and when. Basically use this time to plot out a gameplan for when you touch down so that you can ensure the best trip. This will be your schedule and your outline for what your trip will hold.

Bonus tip: Bring a map of the city you'll be visiting so that you can plan out things conveniently. Schedule all of the things in one specific part of the city on the same day so that you're maximizing your time. 

Five // Get to work.

The plane can be a potentially ideal spot for working, since there are no distractions. You have hours to fill of working. I sometimes like to bring schoolwork or projects that I want and/or need to get done. During the summer, I'm taking a extra course for school in order to get ahead. I'm planning on bringing some textbook printouts onto the plane so that I can work. You probably don't have schoolwork to do in the summer like I do, so this summer you can work on a passion project. This might be a new skill that you're learning, blogging, writing, anything that you want to work on for your own personal gain.

Bonus tip: If you're a blogger, the plane is the perfect time to get ahead on some posts! If you don't have in-flight wifi, write out your ideas and/or posts on Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it into your blog once you connect to internet after you touch down. 

Six // Movie marathon.

I think that this is the most obvious and most enjoyed form of entertainment on flights, since movies are enjoyable and also great for passing time. I must admit that the airplane in-flight entertainment consoles have quite a good selection of movies, they have pretty new movies that I'm actually interested in watching, so I applaud airlines on that.

Bonus tip: The airplane noises tend to be rather loud, so it's highly suggested that you bring some noise cancelling headphones so that you can enjoy your movie to the fullest.

Seven // Indulge in an adult coloring book.

Adult coloring books are all the rage lately. They're relaxing, pretty, and don't require any artistic talent whatsoever. Could it get any better? Bring your adult coloring book onto the plane and create something fantastic. It's relaxing and will help to pass the time. I recently purchased this Enchanted Forest adult coloring book for my friend's birthday and now wondering if I should get it for myself as well so that I can bring it on the plane. Bring some colored pencils, markers, crayons, whatever your colored utensil of choice is and let your inner child loose. Who knows, maybe you'll even forget that you're on the plane as you lose yourself in the colors and swirls.

Bonus tip: Don't want to splurge on an expensive coloring book? Check out the dollar store or Target's dollar section for some cheap adult coloring books. 

Eight // Write.

Writing can be a great way to relax and let your thoughts flow, I should know, since my blog is basically that. You can write a fictional story or a journal, whatever gets your creative juices going. I love documenting my travels, which is one of the reasons why I create travel diaries, but it's a great way to remember your experiences. The thing about when I'm traveling is that I'm always cramming as much sightseeing and activities in as possible that by the end of the day, I'm so exhausted that I just immediately want to go to bed and I'm not able to journal. While you're on your flight back home, it's a great time to document your travels while they're still relatively fresh in your mind. If you're not one for journaling, get creative and craft a fictional story. It doesn't have to be too intricate or well written, it's just something for fun.

Bonus tip: Take advantage of cute stationery and bring a cute journal to write in instead of typing it on your laptop. Make it your designated travel diary and bring it every time you travel so that everything is all in one place if you ever want to look back on these memories. 

Nine // Snapchat your plane adventures.

Snapchat can be so much fun and you can take advantage of it on the plane to share your plane adventures with your friends. Pretend that you're a daily vlogger and make your snapchats fun. Post pictures of what you've been doing on the plane, snap one of those overdone airplane window pictures, complain about your airplane food, just have fun with it!

Bonus tip: Don't have in-flight wifi You can still Snapchat! While on airplane mode, post go on Snapchat and post things to your story. It'll bring up the exclamation point, alerting you that the picture or video did not send. Leave it like that until when you access wifi, click on the exclamation point to post it. 

Ten // Clean out your tech.

Is it just me or is it so easy for your phone and laptop to get cluttered with junk? My phone is always running low on storage because I have so much stuff on there. Take the time on the plane to delete some pictures and/or back them up to your computer. You can also delete any apps that you don't really use so that you have more storage room. As for your laptop, see if there are any pictures or documents that you don't need anymore. I don't know about you, but I have so many bad pictures on my laptop that are just begging to be deleted. After that, take organization to the next level and then reorganize everything into folders.

Bonus tip: While cleaning out your phone, go to the settings app, then general, then storage. You can then click on "manage storage" and see which apps are taking up the most room so that you can best plan out your tech cleaning gameplan.

Flights can be a pain, but let's not let them be what they are, a pain. We can take advantage of this time so that the flight is less of a pain than it has to be. Let's take this flight and make the most of it.

How will you make the most of your flight?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Floral Romper

We've made it my friends, summer! It has become a little scary knowing that I have less than two months of summer, but hey, I'm going to make it last. This starts with taking advantage of all the summer clothing. My favorite summer piece is a romper. I love how casual yet cute rompers are, they're a bit dressy yet still not too over the top. They're light and comfortable in the hot weather, which is one of the main reasons why I adore rompers in addition to how stylish they are.

Floral Romper | Sunny Rebecca

Floral Romper | Sunny Rebecca

I recently purchased this romper from H&M and I love it. I'll be honest, halter necks are generally not what I go for, but I've recently been seeing halter necks like this all around, on rompers, dresses, and tops.While it does bother me a little to be worrying about bra straps when I wear a halter neck like this, I think that it's actually such a nice style, even though I wasn't on board right away. The main reason why I love this romper is the pattern. The pretty red floral pattern adds pops of color and the white helps to make it cool for the summer. I have a tendency to buy dark colors rompers and dresses in the summer, which always leaves me feeling hotter, since the dark colors attract heat. A lightweight and light toned romper is just what I needed. The weather has been hitting anywhere from seventy to ninety degrees, so I definitely appreciate a lightweight clothes. I'm going to be heading to China later this summer where the weather will be around 100 degrees (yikes!) and I'll definitely be bringing this romper to keep cool. 
I also paired the romper with a simple gold necklace. I wear this necklace all the time when I want to add a little touch to accessorize, but I'm not looking to add a bold statement. This gold necklace from Charming Charlie is small and simple, which means that it doesn't make the neckline too busy. I originally wasn't thinking that it would be a good idea to put on a necklace over the halter neck, but this simple necklace didn't make it too messy, but added a nice touch instead.

Floral Romper | Sunny Rebecca

Floral Romper | Sunny Rebecca

What was a little out of my comfort zone was this hat. I'm not a hat person, I've never been one. However, after seeing all those pretty sunhats with embroidered words on them on Instagram, my opinion may or may not have been swayed. Sure, it's not a fancy Eugenia Kim hat or anything, but I'm not made of money. This hat is a lot simpler and cheaper, especially considering that I'm not a hat person and still haven't committed to the hat life. 
I'm also wearing these sandals from ASOS (these are similar) that I wear all the time on my blog, mostly because they match with everything and make it look like I have my life together, since they never fail to dress up a look. 

Floral Romper | Sunny Rebecca

Floral Romper | Sunny Rebecca

Monday, June 13, 2016

Best of the Internet

This weekend has been hectic, but luckily I've still been able to get this week's best of the internet up! In other news, I've reached the end, after this week, it will officially be summer for me. I've been powering through a ton of last-minute studying and what-nots to get prepared for my exams, but honestly, I'm just looking forward for this week to be over. It does not feel like the schoolyear is coming to an end (where has the year gone?!), but I mean hey, I'm not complaining! If you're one of those lucky people that has already finished their exams and has already started summer, here are some great reads to fill up your new-found free time.

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One // How to Weed Out Your Closet

I'm just going to come out and say it, I am a hoarder. I always keep things around, thinking that maybe I'll use them sometime. I don't. I recently discovered this guide to helping you decide whether or not you should keep or get rid of clothing, that I found super similar to my to go to the party or not interactive infographic.

Two // Putting Love to the Stress Test

This article covered a social experiment of sorts, where a couple decided to stress-test their relationship. This meant that they would create a situation that would feel the way that marriage would feel, moving in together, voicing their true concerns, and avoiding romance in order to push the boundaries in their relationship. This let them see their differences and see if they would be good together in the long run. Eventually, they moved in permanently, and then he proposed, and then they were married, and they are still together now after two years.

Three // Productive Things You Can Do On Your Day Off (Besides Watching Netflix!)

I'm guilty of watching Netflix on all my days off, but now that summer is approaching (!!) I'll have lots of time that I should do more with than just binge-watch. Although I have some summer plans, I'll still have a lot of downtime that I don't know what I'll do with. Luckily, Keating has some great ideas for things that you can do to be productive (yay for productivity!) so that I won't just waste the summer away.

Four // 50 Beauty Tricks Using Common Household Items

Guess what, household items aren't just limited for their intended purpose, but they can be used to substitute or to compliment beauty products! I already use a few of these tips, but a majority of them I have never heard of or have never tried out. I can personally vouch for the cornstarch (#50), toothbrush (#21), and tissues (#18), but there are so many more brilliant tricks that I have yet to try!

Five // How to Take Blog Photos in Public

Fellow fashion bloggers out there, you get the struggle! Taking outfit photos for the blog can be sooo awkward, but it's definitely something that you have to get used to if you want to get those great backgrounds in your pictures. Thankfully, Angelina has some nice tips for how to make taking blog photos in public a little less awkward.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Blogger Stereotypes + Myths

The thing about being a blogger is that there are a lot of stereotypes surrounding bloggers, some of which are myths and some of which are true. The world is full of stereotypes, it's not easy to just ignore stereotypes entirely, because some of them are true. However, I feel like there's some sort of fantasy world aura around bloggers and how perfect that they are that just isn't true. I decided to go through the blogger stereotypes to clear up the differences between fact and myth.

Blogger Stereotypes | Sunny Rebecca

No. 1 // Bloggers are not outfit repeaters.

As you scroll through a blog, you'll probably see a plethora of different swoon-worthy outfits. Yes, these are some totally cute outfits, but the thing that you'll notice is that an outfit is never repeated. For some fashion bloggers, a new look is posted every day and the outfits are never repeated, but just because a blogger posts an outfit post that day, it doesn't necessarily mean that they wore that outfit. While taking different outfit posts, I sometimes wear one look, take some pictures, then change and take more pictures of a different look, all within the time frame of a few hours. In reality, on a day to day basis I might wear leggings and a flannel or pajamas all day. I repeat outfits weekly, because it's not like I have the money to wear an outfit and then dispose of it to move onto the next. 

No. 2 // Bloggers live on coffee with cute latte art.

While it's true that bloggers totally appreciate cute latte art, this doesn't mean that we drink it every day. Instagram may give off the illusion of a coffee a day at a fancy hipster coffee shop, but honestly, who has enough money to pay for an overpriced coffee every day? 

No. 3 // All compliments for companies are sponsored. 

I praise companies all the time and receive no compensation in return, but I talk about these companies because I truly love these companies and these products. People make the assumption that just because a blogger says, "I love product A!" it means that company A paid them to say that. Bloggers are serious about authenticity and sometimes just talk about companies just because they're that obsessed with them. Yes, it's true that sometimes bloggers will post sponsored content, but their opinions are generally not swayed by the companies and only say yes to sponsored content that they feel comfortable promoting. 

No. 4 // Bloggers take pictures of everything. 

This stereotype is absolutely true. We're always on the hunt for the next Instagram, the next blog post, the next bit of content to create. This means taking pictures of our lunches, breakfasts, brunches (!!), anything that is worthy of featuring on the blog. 

No. 5 // Blogging is easy.

What a myth! The stereotype for bloggers is that blogging is carefree and easy. All you have to do is snap a few pictures before you head out the door and upload them. The truth is that blogging requires a lot of work. I have to take lighting into account, background, styling, photography, editing, and so much more. The job of bloggers is to make it look carefree and easy. Make it appear like we have our lives together and we just snapped a picture on the way out. This illusion is to make blogging appear more authentic, not like we went out of our way to shoot an outfit post in front of some random tree on the side of the road. Blogging may appear easy and simplistic, but things aren't always what they seem.

No. 6 // The life of a blogger is perfect.

This is the all-time biggest stereotype and biggest myth about bloggers. I'll admit, before I started blogging, I fell into this trap as well. I believed that bloggers had the dream lives, taking pictures of cute outfits, attending events, getting sent free things, However, the life of a blogger is just like any other person's. We go through our ups and downs, wear sweatshirts and leggings when we're feeling lazy, cry, laugh, struggle, smile, we're just people. The life of a blogger is just like the life of any other person. (Want to see what it's actually like being a blogger? Click here!)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Striped Shorts and Chambray

Remember the other day when I talked about shorts for summer? Well, get excited, because in this outfit post, I styled a pair of shorts that I previously mentioned! If you didn't read that style spotlight on shorts (which you totally should), then I'm going to reiterate what I mentioned there. I have recently developed a new-found appreciation for drawstring shorts. I love how comfortable they are and I love styling them by tucking my top into the shorts to get a different look. As a result of my new-found love for drawstring shorts, I decided to center this outfit around these striped shorts. 

Striped Shorts and Chambray | Sunny Rebecca

Striped Shorts and Chambray | Sunny Rebecca

stripes, striped, shorts, fashion, style, chambray, H&M

I got these shorts from H&M and I already love them. They have a simple, yet totally stylish horizontal stripe pattern. I don't know what it is about them, but I feel like recently this color combination and the style of the shorts has been so "in." They're kind of a gray-blue toned, similar to a denim or chambray color, but the shorts are still made out of soft fabric, making them sooo comfortable. The drawstrings also have tassels at the end of them, adding another little accessory to the shorts to really finish them off. 
I paired the shorts with a chambray button down, because as aforementioned, the shorts have a color similar to the color of chambray, so I found it to be a fitting combination. I love the look of the top tucked in rather than leaving it out, because if I was to leave it out, then I would cover the tassels on the shorts. In addition, tucking in the top cinches in the waistband, making for a more flattering figure. 
Lastly, I paired the look with my sandals from ASOS (the brand is London Rebel). These pictures don't show the shoes, but the shoes have been mentioned many times before on the blog (this outfit post pictures them!) These shoes are a simple leather sandal with some gems on it, making it a bit more dressy and adding some extra accessories to the look. The main reason why I paired this look with these sandals is because they literally go with anything and everything. 

Striped Shorts and Chambray | Sunny Rebecca

stripes, striped, shorts, fashion, chambray, summer, style H&M

I also just want to include a little side note praising how committed to blogging I am. After I went out and took these blog pictures, I discovered 8 giant mosquito bites and I'm waiting on discovering more. These are the things that I do for blogging. #bloggerprobs

shorts, stripes, H&M, fashion, style, sunny rebecca

shorts, stripes, chambray, fashion, outfit, style,