Saturday, February 14, 2015

Retro 50s Party

For my birthday (last week), I hosted a murder mystery dinner party. I purchased a murder mystery kit on Amazon and the one I picked took place in the 50s. Generally for murder mystery parties, the guests dress us as their character. I didn't have anything genuinely 50s looking, but this was what I came up with.

First, I'm going to talk about my hair. I am honestly the worst at doing my hair, so this was my best attempt at a 50s style ponytail, which basically just looks like a normal ponytail, but hey, I tried. I also added a little polka dotted bunny ear scrunchie that I got from H&M, because I was just getting this retro vibe from it and thought, why not?

I wore this black and white striped peter pan collar shirt from Topshop and a mint green circle skirt from Charlotte Russe. I think that the color scheme of my outfit fit the time period pretty well, the time when black and white and well as bold colors were all the rage. 
I wasn't exactly sure what type of shoes that I should wear, since I didn't have penny loafers or mary janes. I just wore my black suede smoking slippers that I got from Nordstrom.

I also purchased some mason jars with the chalkboard labels, because they had a retro feel to them (it may not be like the milkshake glasses served in 50s malt shops, but I mean, I tried) and I added in a pink and white striped paper straw, because I just love the look of the retro paper straws.

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