Friday, April 10, 2015

What's In My Bag

If you've been following my blog for a while, you might know that I have previously talked about what is in my bag. At the time, I had a small bag and could only carry a few things (wallet, phone, etc.) but now I have a bigger bag that can carry a lot more. I often change the items in my bag based on what I'm doing and where I'm going, but the items shown in this post are all of my basic things that are almost always in my bag.

The bag that I have is the large Longchamp le pliage tote in the color, hydrangea. I am obsessed with this bag, because it's first of all, huge, so I can carry all sorts of things and fulfill my dream of being a modern day Mary Poppins. I like to always be prepared and have exactly what I need. I can fit my laptop in here or school books, so it's very versatile in its ability to carry just what I need. 

One of the things (shown above) that is not always in my bag, but is in there very often, is my instant camera. This camera has been appearing a lot on my blog lately, and that's just because I'm so in love with it. I love having it around so that I can pull it out at any given moment and snap a picture, and I especially enjoy using it with my friends, because it's just super fun to use.

My wallet, is of course, a necessity. I always need to have some money on hand just in case, even if I'm not planning on using it. If you saw my previous what's in my bag post, you'll notice that my wallet has not changed. I have had this wallet for about a year, and I absolutely love it. The color is magnificent and it's just so handy. This wallet is from Kate Spade and it is in the color, robin's egg.

I like to keep some lotion on hand, especially in the winter, but (thankfully) winter is coming to a close. Even though spring is here, I still like to keep it around, just in case. I have the Bath and Body Works beautiful day body lotion, that was given to me by a friend in a gift set. The scent is light and springy, so it gives off a nice vibe. 
I also have tissues which are always with me, no matter what. These have been so important to have on hand throughout the past month, because I have spring allergies. 
I have some hair ties and bobby pins, which I rarely use since I don't do my hair very often, but you might suddenly have to fix your hair or it gets hot and you have to put your hair up, so I like having these on hand.

Some of the other little things that I have with me, are chapstick, to keep my lips hydrated, pens, and concealer. Sometimes I carry around concealer, if I'm in need of a touch up, it's nice to have. I am currently using Benefit cosmetics' boi-ing concealer.

This Olympus camera is not always in my bag, but I like to have it when I go on day trips or have an eventful day that I'd like to blog. I use this camera or another Olympus camera, which is the newer model (used to take this picture) to take pictures for my blog. I'm not sure which model this is exactly.
Along with my camera, I have my extra memory card. This is especially important to have when I'm traveling, because it's easy to snap so many pictures of places and things and run out of storage. 

My phone travels with me everywhere. I always have to have it no matter where I go. I have the iPhone 5s. I like this a lot more than the iPhone 6, because the 6 seems a bit large for me, especially considering the fact that I have tiny little hands.

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