Saturday, July 11, 2015

Desk Essentials

Notepads. I really love notepads, because I'm the kind of person that enjoys making lists. Notepads help me keep track of everything that I have to do or just ideas in general and there are a ton of really cute ones out there.

Jumbo paper clips. These jumbo paper clips were recently in a favorites post and they've become an important thing to have on my desk. These are great for keeping organized and their vibrant colors had a nice pop of brightness.

Sticky notes. On the topic of colorful things, sticky notes come in mind. Sticky notes are nice to have if you want to quickly jot something down and leave it with something to remind yourself.

Colorful pens and highlighters. As a visual learner and a general color lover, it's vital to have colorful pens and highlighters with me so that I can color coordinate things and just have fun adding color to my papers.

A candle. On my desk, I almost always have a candle. Having a candle on my desk is great because while I'm working, I can light it and enjoy the scent. In addition, it also adds the the overall atmosphere, therefore sparking my work ethic and is in a good place to keep an eye on-- safety first!


  1. Sticky notes are definitely a desk essential for my desk! I'm always writing lists and notes!

    Sarah |

  2. I love making lists and I'm always writing down blog post ideas, I love your blog!!:)