Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Picnic

Summer is the best time for picnics. A few days ago, I had my own summer picnic and had so much fun snapping pictures of it. It's definitely nice to spend some time outside in the beautiful weather, since I've been spending a majority of my summer indoors watching Netflix. A picnic is a perfect way to enjoy the weather and have fun!

For my picnic outfit, I was feeling bright colors, because bright colors really capture the spirit of summer. The color combination kind of reminds me of watermelon because of the red, white and green. I'm wearing this red a white striped top from Kohl's and it has these pretty lace flowers at the bottom of it. 
Along with that I have a pair of green short with palm trees on them from Marshall's. I love the colors of these shorts and I think that the palm trees are super cute and summery. 
And I've paired the look with my Cole Haan loafers, which are comfy and match with pretty much anything.
Since it was also rather hot, I tied up my hair in a ponytail with a red and white polka dotted scrunchie from H&M.

S'mores are such a must have during the summer. I rarely have a chance to eat s'mores, so during summer picnics and bonfires, I definitely indulge! 

I am obsessed with string lights and decided to hang out some outdoor lights for my picnic. I love the look of them, especially these, because they look pretty on and off. These ones are little white paper globes and they're from Target.

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  1. Everything turned out so cute- picnics in the summer are the best!