Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Back to School Essentials

Back to school season is upon us! I still feel as though summer just started, since I've only had a two month summer vacation, but I'm trying to stay positive and relish in all of these back to school blog post opportunities. Instead of just going over the typical binders and notebooks, I've picked some things that I find to be vital during this season and basically the whole school year.

An agenda. There are so many cute agendas out there and if you're looking for a nice one, I did a post on agendas a little while ago, which you can view by clicking here. I've also added a shopping widget below with the same agendas in that post and some calendars. Agendas are so important for keeping organized and if you're not much of an agenda person, you can always try an online calendar, I use my Google Calendar in addition to my agenda. Anthropologie also has some great calendars to use that are gorgeous and Rifle Paper Co. has some nice desktop calendars as well. I don't know about you, but these stunning designs always empower me to keep organized. Keeping organized is super important for keeping up with assignments and agendas or calendars are the perfect way to go.

Tissues. This may seem a little random, but as the kind of person that gets sick often and has seasonal allergies, tissues are a must for basically everything, including school. I always have a pack of tissues in my backpack so that whenever I need one, it's conveniently with me.

Notebook hole punch. If you don't know what I mean by 'Notebook hole punch', I've added a picture for reference. I think that everyone always starts out the school year with nice neat binders, but eventually you end up shoving everything in the pockets. This hole puncher helps me stay organized, because I can punch the holes into a piece of paper as soon as I get it and put it into the rings of my binder, instead of shoving it into the binder pockets. These ones can be put in the rings of your binders as well, making it conveniently located whenever you need to use a hole puncher.

Pretty notebooks. In the past, nice looking notebooks actually stopped me from using them, because I thought that they were too pretty to be used. But now, they actually encourage me to use them. It just feels so nice to pull out a fun notebook and makes me feel a lot happier somehow. I'll admit that there's also the added bonus of being totally instagrammable, but they are still useful and definitely put a smile on my face.

Colored pens. At the very end of the previous school year, I discovered the joys that come with colored pens. Yes, colored pens have always been things that I had with me, but I began using felt tip pens instead of ballpoint pens. Ballpoint pens are definitely the better for simple writing, but I personally prefer felt tip pens if I'm using color. During finals, I was constantly using my felt tip pens to color code things. As a visual learner, color helps me process the information. In addition to that, seeing those vibrant colors sprawled across the paper is just so much more satisfying! Colored pens are definitely a great way to help you study, especially with literature and history, because you can color code the articles or text.

There will be lots of back to school posts coming up in the future, since I am participating in the Bloggers go Back to School linkup! I'm not participating in this week's theme, since I'm on my trip and I hadn't had time to prepare a post, but there are some coming up in the future weeks.


  1. I love having a bunch of colored pens in my backpack for school, they make taking notes so much more fun!
    xo, Syd

  2. I love this post. Thank god i start school in 2months bacause i have so many things that i have to buy!

    Stay fabulous x

    1. Hope that this post helped you out in some way!