Saturday, August 1, 2015

July Loves '15

Can you believe that July has already flown by? It's incredible how fast this month has gone by. I'll admit, I haven't really gotten much done this month, but I've managed to make some small design changes to my blog and I hope to continue to make Sunny Rebecca a lot more professional and improve the quality, which will hopefully be changing for the better in the near future. But for now, let's focus on July, so here are my favorites for the month of July.

I've always had a lot of trouble finding great shorts that fit me, since I wear a double 00 and even then, some double 00 shorts are still too big for me. However, I've found these shorts from Marshalls and am really loving the vibrant colors of these. These bold colors are absolutely perfect for summer and these palm trees definitely add to the whole summer vibe. I've been having a difficult time matching these shorts with things, I usually pair it with pinks or red to match the palm trees and it looks amazing. 

The list-making never stops, especially not in the summer, because I get to whip out my nautical notepad! I got this notepad from Michaels on whim while picking up some paints and other supplies. I love the look of this notepad and it always comes in handy. 

During this month, it's begun to get hotter and hotter and with that heat comes humidity. This  Bare Minerals original powder foundation does a great job of setting my concealer so that it doesn't slip off due to the humidity. Even if I'm not wearing any face makeup, this powder still adds a bit of coverage and has SPF 15-- also amazing for the summer. I have definitely become reliant on this product this month and have found it to be essential for everyday wear.

I've had this concealer for quite a long time, but I hadn't used it that often. Recently, I began using this Rimmel London Hide the Blemish Concealer more frequently and have rediscovered the qualities of it. It's nice and creamy, which makes it easy to blend and it's also easy to apply. I've found that it stays on quite well, even in the summer heat. It's not so much of an under the eye concealer, but it works great on blemishes (obviously) or any general imperfections on your face that you want to hide, because it's matte. 

This is not the first time I've used this product before, I actually did a review on this brand's dry shampoo before, but in a different scent. That review mentioned that I liked the product, but I wasn't obsessed with it. That may have been true at the time, but my feelings have changed. I've found that this product works best if you apply it at night, before you go to sleep, because then the product disperses overnight. For me, this method of use has proven to be most successful. As for the scent, I picked up the original scent, which just smells fresh and clean. This scent is not as overwhelming as the previous one that I had, so I've been liking this one a lot more. Overall, I have found myself seeing this bastiste dry shampoo in a new light and have actually been really loving it this month!

I'll admit that I've been having some mixed emotions about the end of July, since it means that summer is quickly coming to a close, since I start school in mid-August, but it also has been excited for my trip to Europe, which will be the first two weeks of August. While I'm on my trip I'm still going to be posting some pre-written posts, but when I return, I'll be posting my travel diary, so keep an eye out for that. Meanwhile, I'll be keeping connecting during my trip through my instagram and twitter. Farewell July and hello August!


  1. Love that dry shampoo- it's been a favorite of mine for years!

  2. I've heard such great things about Batiste. I will definitely be trying it out!
    xo, Syd