Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Favorites '15

It's time for another, "where did the month go" posts, or in other words, a favorites post. September has been a pretty uneventful yet somehow busy month for me. I've been finding myself being thrown back into school life. Although I had been in school since August, at that point I wasn't yet in the school mindset, and now I'm a bit more into the work mindset and trying to get back into my schedule with school and blogging. (I wrote a post on balancing the two in the past, if you're interested in that!)
I've also been getting introduced to the fall mindset, the weather hasn't been warm enough to wear summer clothes anymore, but it isn't quite cool enough to embrace the sweater weather. Some of these items are more autumnal, but others are just typical favorites.

I don't really wear nail polish very often, I think I wore it about once this month, but I've been liking this shade. This is a pretty muted pink, number 161, Teak Rose. This Revlon nail polish isn't a bold color, it's a bit more subtle. I usually opt for the dark reds when I'm putting on nail polish, but this color is definitely something that I think I'll be trying more of. 

It's time to break out the fall candles! I tried to bring myself to buy fewer candles, because I found it a bit costly, since I'm just going to burn it away anyways, but I may or may not have purchased another candle. Candles are so addictive in the fall! I dropped by Bath and Body Works to pick up a gift for a friend and ended up walking out with this candle for myself. I'm not a big fan of Bath and Body Works scents, but this one is perfect. It's not too sweet like most of the scents, this one has a sweet maple scent that screams fall. I've been trying not to burn it too often so that I can preserve it for a while and not have to splurge on more, but I've been finding myself wanting to use it all the time!

While I was in London in August, I picked up this Cath Kidston tea for one set. Recently, I've been using it more and more because hot drinks (specifically tea) are perfect for Autumn or basically whenever it's chilly out and you need to warm up. The tea set consists of the teapot, teacup, and the saucer, all of which can stack up if desired. If you don't understand what I mean by that, you can see what I mean here, on the store's site. I love the print on the set and am finding myself enjoying it more and more as I continue to use it.

I'm obsessed with statement necklaces, pretty much always. This necklace from Forever 21 is no exception! It was relatively inexpensive, since it was from Forever 21, and looks so pretty and elegant. It resembles the look of J. Crew or Loft necklaces, but this one was at least $10 cheaper than the ones they sell and is just as beautiful. This is easy to pair with because of the colors, silver and a very subtle blush tone. I wore this necklace in a previous outfit post if you're curious to see how I've styled it.

This Lilly Pulitzer agenda somehow slipped my mind when I was creating my August Favorites post and I will not let it go unnoticed! My agenda is super helpful for keeping organized and I might as well keep organized in style! I have the medium sized agenda in the wild confetti print. I picked this one because it's vibrant and colorful and I have not had a doubt in picking it! The prints displayed between months are stunning and the size of the agenda is perfect for daily use. 

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  1. Pretty selection, I love the cute teapot!

    Ingrid x