Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November Bucket List

Lately I haven't exactly had time to enjoy the month and I would really like to. We're heading into the holiday season and there are so many things that I want to do. Making a list always helps me to figure out what I should do in order to get it all done, so that is exactly what I've done. These are some of the things that I plan to do this month.

Relax a little.

This month and at the end of last month, I have been crazy busy. Balancing school and blogging has been so difficult lately since I've been coming home pretty late every day and getting lots of work to do. I want to try to relax a bit this month and calm down. I'd really like to have a relaxing day where I can binge watch on Netflix and take a warm bubble bath.

Make Christmas cards.

The holiday season is approaching quickly! I love making greeting cards, I've been making them for all my friends for their birthdays and I can't wait to make them for the holiday season. Time to break out the paints!

Make Christmas gifts for the people in need.

This has been one of my favorite traditions during the holiday season. Although we're not quite into Christmas yet, it's best to get these ready early so that they can get there right on time. There's a ton of great programs out there where you can give gifts to people that can't afford Christmas gifts that you should definitely check out.

Try a new recipe.

Lately, I have not had much time to relax, let alone bake or cook. I'd really like to try make time for it, since it's something that I enjoy, not to mention the joy of eating. I have no idea what recipe I want to try out, but I definitely would like to try something new.

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