Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Favorites 2015

I know that I do this every month, but how is December over? Better yet, how is the year over? As I grow older, I feel like time flies by quicker than ever and now, we're entering 2016, much to my disbelief. But before jumping into January, let's take a moment to focus on December and the things that I have been enjoying throughout this month. 

This is a very general favorite, but I have been loving basically the entire Lush holiday line. If you didn't know, Lush brings out a ton of limited edition (limited as in only during the holiday season) items that are holiday themed! They are all super cute and festive and smell absolutely incredible. I did a post on some of the Lush holiday items that I picked up if you're interested in finding out a bit more about these items other than the bath bomb that I've shown, which is the dashing santa bath bomb if you're wondering. 

It's not Christmas without fair isle! I love the fair isle pattern during the holidays because it's so festive and cute. My favorite sweater during the holiday season is this red and white fair isle sweater from ASOS that I got last year. I love this one because it has a nice balance of the red and the white and also has a peter pan collar for some extra flair. The worst part about Christmas sweaters is that you can only wear them for a limited time if you want to avoid people looking at you strangely. However, I loved wearing this Christmassy sweater throughout this month, even if it wasn't for a long time. If you're interested in Christmas sweaters, the post-Christmas sales are the perfect time to stock up for next year. I picked these not-so-ugly ugly Christmas sweaters for your convenience, a pug one and one with reindeers and fairisle

I love gift wrapping and making the packaging look all nice and pretty. Recently I've been using this ribbon a lot, it's this green sparkly ribbon that's classy and perfect for the holidays. (It's kind of difficult to see in the photos, but it's there, I promise!) I just love this ribbon because it makes my presents look pretty and festive, but I don't remember where I got it from, probably from Michaels or some craft store. One of my previous posts had a picture of a gift that had this ribbon on the packaging if you're interested in seeing how it looked.

As I mentioned before, fair isle is a must during the holiday season, which is why I've been obsessed with these fair isle socks from Gap! I picked them up last year on a whim, not expecting to like them as much as I do. Although they're not fuzzy, they're still so comfortable and super cute. 

During the holiday season, card making is at its peak. I love making handmade cards for any occasion, whether it's birthdays or holidays, and this month I've been creating a ton. I made at least 9 cards to give away to my friends and they loved the cards. With the card making, I've been using these metallic sharpies all the time, mostly for lettering and such. I originally bought this pack of three just for the gold sharpie, but I've actually been using the bronze one the most, to my surprise. These are perfect for adding a little glam to your writing and making your cards pop. And speaking of holiday cards, I have some of the cards that I made using these sharpies downloadable and printable on a previous post, something that is definitely bookmark worthy for next year! 


  1. Ahh! That sweater is the cutest thing I've ever seen! 😍

  2. The Christmas sweater and socks look so cute! I love making my own Christmas cards as I think that it's more personal than a store bought one :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. I think that handmade Christmas cards are a lot more personal too! You end up putting more thought into a handmade one.
      Rebecca x

  3. Love love love that sweater! So cute + festive!