Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November Favorites '15

A part of me is psyched about December starting, because Christmas is my favorite holiday, and let's be real, it's the most wonderful time of the year. However, the other part of me is full of disbelief. Is it really already December? Is the year already almost over? Since when did November happen and how is it over? This year has passed by so quickly, and although every month, I say that the month has flown by during my favorites post, but it's true. It's not just a single month that's flying by, it's the whole year. 

This has been a long time favorite of mine, but recently I've been using it so much more. I've been getting sick much more often lately and that causes some redness around my nose and such. Benefit's Boi-ing concealer is perfect for covering up red spots such and has a matte finish, unlike some other concealers that are more liquid. 

These are more of things that I have been loving as of the end of November, holiday things! Along with the holidays comes all kinds of peppermint flavors treats, some of which I have been enjoying are peppermint hot chocolate and Ghirardelli peppermint bark. Peppermint and chocolate together? Yes please! These treats both are so festive and are sweet with a bit of a mint taste beneath the chocolate flavor. 

Although these pictures don't really do the dress justice, I have been in love with this dress from Urban Outfitters! I bought it for an event at the beginning of the month and I am just obsessed with the color, the design, the embellishment, everything. It's probably going to be great for the holiday season and holiday parties, because of the color. If you want to see what the dress looks like in its full glory, I did an outfit post on it! What I love about it is not only the design, but that I feel confident when I'm wearing it. 

Recently, I've been loving this oversized cardigan from Forever 21. It has been my go-to lazy day sweater, because it's comfortable and cozy and easy to match with. I usually like to pair it with a button down and leggings, for example, I did an outfit post featuring this cardigan a few weeks ago! It's so easy to just throw this cardigan on in the morning, especially on those chilly days. 

I find that I'm always attracted to anything soft and fuzzy, particularly blankets. Although I picked up this blanket quite a few months ago, I haven't really been using it much until this month. I love this blanket (from HomeGoods) because it has such a cute pattern (and the shade of yellow goes perfectly with the color scheme of my house-- score!) and has fuzzy lining on the other side, so it's soft and cozy. 

Along with the cold weather comes dry skin. I tend to have extremely dry skin, making an exfoliator super necessary! I mentioned this product on a previous post, SOS - Save Our Skin, but recently I've been really loving the Origins Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion exfoliator. It's gentle on the skin, which is a huge plus, because I have sensitive skin and many exfoliators can be harsh on the skin. It also always leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft.

What have you been loving this month?

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