Saturday, February 6, 2016

Blogging Tools

I'll be blunt. Blogging is a lot more complex than it seems to be, and sometimes you need some tools to aid your blogging journey. There is a lot more to blogging than just needing a camera and a laptop, especially if you're planning on turning it into even more than a simple hobby. I've picked some tools that totally help me out that hopefully will help you out as well.

A link shortening app

I use, but there are a few link shortening apps that you can download onto your phone. All you have to do is paste a link and then it shortens it for you, perfect for Twitter. I read online that users are more likely to click on a short link than a long one, plus is makes it easy to stay within the difficult 140 character limit.


I rely so much on Photoshop. In fact, I originally had another post in mind, but then my computer crashed and I had to use a computer without Photoshop (the horror!) and realized how dependent I am on it. I create all of my graphics and do all of my photo processing through it. I could see how bloggers could get by without Photoshop, but Photoshop gives me the most flexibility for editing my photos, especially for adding titles and such. It makes my blog look a lot more professional, which is definitely that look that I'm going for.

Fancy fonts

Along with Photoshop, pretty fonts are a big part of my blog graphics. I'm a bit font obsessed, so I might find that fonts are more important to someone else. Recently, some people have asked me over email or social media about where I find my fonts for my blog graphics and I usually get them from Creative Market or from DaFont. The prettiest brush fonts are generally not free, fonts range from about $12 minimum and up. If you're interested in fonts, I have a Pinterest board including free fonts and purchasable fonts. If you want nice free fonts, Creative Market has free goods every week, changing each Monday, which are accessible by simply creating an account. This may include fonts or it may include other things, such as mockups, designs, and graphics.


Okay, this one is a little general, but Snapseed is my all time favorite photo editing app. Bloggers are obsessed about perfecting their pictures, but even if you're not a blogger, Snapseed is definitely worth getting. it's absolutely free and has a million different functionalities. Unlike any other photo editing app, this one allows me to change only certain parts in a picture. You can be selective about which area to brighten and which area to saturate, plus you can transform your picture's angle both vertically and horizontally. In addition, it also has the normal functions, but I feel like Snapseed allows the most natural functions and can also make my pictures look a million times better.


Sure, you may be able to get visitors on your blog, but what makes them come back? It's generally not as easy to keep up with a blog in comparison to Instagram and Twitter, where all you do is press the follow button and then everything appears on your feed. However, Bloglovin makes it that easy! I highly recommend that you follow me on Bloglovin (hint hint wink wink) because when you do, all your favorite bloggers' posts, including mine, will pop up on your feed for easy access and enjoyment. In addition, if you are a fellow blogger, it helps to bring returning traffic to your site.

Want more blogging tips? I've been posting blogging advice posts and I plan on writing a lot more. I've already mentioned how to take flatlay pictures and written about cameras for blogging if you're interested in those topics.


  1. Loved this post - I always love hearing tips from you because your graphics + fonts + overall aesthetic is killer! Not to mention you can also write. All around amazing, which is so hard to find !!!
    xoxo, Jamie

    1. Thank you so much Jamie! That means so much to me, you're the sweetest!
      Rebecca xo