Monday, April 4, 2016

How to Edit Blog Graphics: Lighting

Happy Monday! Today is an especially good day because I'm actually currently in Mexico on spring break! After what I mentioned in last week's best of the internet post, I'm only going to be posting a video today. Since a lot of people ask me about photo editing, I'm doing a three part series on my YouTube channel about how to edit blog graphics in Photoshop. This first part, which I've linked, is covering the lighting of it, basically the contrast, exposure, shadows, that kind of stuff. If you want to stay updated on the videos along with the blog, I would love if you subscribed! The next parts of the series will be on their way in the upcoming weeks, covering adding text with fancy fonts, and how to make that font gold. I hope that you enjoy this video and make this week a great one.

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  1. LOVE this! I always struggle with how to brighten up my pictures!