Wednesday, October 19, 2016

6 Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming! I've definitely been looking forward to Halloween, it's so much fun! I love dressing up and getting into the spirit. Even if you don't have Halloween plans, you can still get festive and wear a costume or you can see these things to do for Halloween (post here!) Part of the fun is picking a Halloween costume. As you get older, you get a bit more lazy about costumes, but no worries, I have some costumes for you to wear that are easy to throw together and also lots of fun. 

One // Doughnut

Doughnuts aren't just for eating, now they're for wearing! This doughnut costume is essentially just two fabric donuts connected by a pair of straps, that's all there is to it. I got this costume from Target, but it's definitely a little bit pricey, $30, even though I had a coupon. However, you can easily make your own. One option is to go out to print out big posters of doughnuts and then attach them with fabric straps. Another option is to get two poster boards, cut them out in the shape of a doughnut, and then either paint or draw out the sprinkles of the doughnut. It'll definitely take a bit more effort to make it yourself, but it'll take no sewing, just a bit of extra work. 

Two // Trophy

You deserve an award -- or in this case, you can be the award for Halloween! Break anything gold that you have and throw it together. I'm actually wearing a dress with a skirt over it, since I have this gold dress, but it was a bit too short to get that trophy look. I put the skirt on over, since it's longer and more elegant. The dress is from Forever 21 and the skirt is from Lulu's. You can accessorize in any way, with anything gold. I accessorized with an actual trophy and with a gold bracelet. I also added a headband, which is actually a gold necklace that I pinned into my hair. Feel free to add a sign on yourself titling whatever award you think you are. Use your creativity here and pick something that is funny, cute, and/or channels your personality. 

Three // Elle Woods

What, like it's hard? Wear all pink this Halloween while you bend and snap! I wore a pink blazer and a pink argyle sweater along with a pencil skirt. This Elle Woods outfit is super easy to put together, basically wear as much pink as humanly possible. If you happen to have a pink blazer like I do, then it's even better! You can go for quite a few different paths in this costume, but I opted for the "Elle takes Harvard" path. Bonus tip, add a pair of pink bunny ears to go for "Playboy bunny Elle" during what Elle expected to be a costume party. It's a costume in a costume!

Four // Breadwinner

This one is definitely the easiest out of the 6. All you need for this costume is some medals and a bag of bread. A baguette is preferable if you have one, but normal bread works as well. I just grabbed some multi-grain bread and put on some medals from when I was younger. You can wear literally whatever you want for this costume, the accessories are really the only part that matters. You can also carry a trophy as well if you would like to complete the look. 

Five // Blast from the Past

Pull out the vintage and the retro wardrobe! Dress in another era or in a previous time period to have a little blast from the past. Honestly, I'm not sure which time period I'm dressed from, I just went for a vintage or retro look. I got this plaid daisy shift dress from the thrift store, but since it's a little baggy, I wore a white t-shirt underneath it. I put on a scarf, which kind of has a 70s look to it, but since it's too long to wear as a headband, I turned it into a headband and a scarf. I tied the scarf around my head and then wrapped it around my neck, two-in-one! I love the styles of the 50s in particular, but any past era will do. 

Six // Peter Pan

When a holiday like Hallowen rolls around, sometimes you just wish that you had never grown up, as childhood Halloweens are so much fun. Celebrate Halloween by being the boy who never grows up, Peter Pan. This outfit is simple, just a green dress, a brown ribbon, and a bandana. Peter Pan has a hat with a red ribbon, but since I don't have one, I grabbed a red bandana and tied it as my headband. I also used some brown ribbon and wrapped it around my waist a few times. Don't worry about making it look neat, the sash is meant to be a bit messy. I then tied it into a knot. You can wear whatever shoes you would like, I wore a pair of brown booties, even though Peter Pan wears green shoes. 

Speaking of Peter Pan, have you been reading the Peter Pan diaries

What are you going to be for Halloween?


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