Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Style Spotlight: Midi Skirts

When I first heard of the midi skirt trend, my immediate reaction was that I would never be able to pull them off. I thought that they were more just something that bloggers wear and celebrities can style, but not great for day-to-day wear. However, I soon realized that I was wrong. Midi skirts aren't as difficult to pull off as you might think. I used to think that since I was short, they wouldn't look good on me and make me look shorter, and that might be true that they make me look shorter in some cases, but let me tell you, I look sooo good in midi skirts and I'm not going to hide it. They make me feel confident, glamorous, but also comfortable, like I don't have to worry about flashing anyone. Midi skirts are so much more versatile than you think, they can be perfect daytime looks but they can also easily be transformed into night looks in a hurry. So since I've been so in love with midi skirts, I thought that it was about time that I put the style spotlight on them. 

A brief history behind the midi skirt

Originally popular in the 20s through 50s, the midi skirt is making its way back. The midi skirt actually started in the 20s, after the war and the new era of money and partying. Ankles were out, but not everyone during the time wore flapper dresses. With the economy later falling as a result of the Great Depression, modesty was still important, with the midi being a bit more conservative than the formerly flashy flapper dresses. However, after World War II, we saw somewhat of a resurgence of the midi, particularly by Dior, who introduced his "New Look" collection, featuring full midi skirts and cinched waists, creating new, post-war fashion. Midis were out by the 60s, being replaced with the new mini skirts. In history, midi skirts have been somewhat controversial. While mini skirts were all the rage in the 60s, in the 70s, midi skirts came back by marketing campaigns and retailers. Women rejected this look, not liking the particular look that retailers were forcing upon them. Protests against the midi skirt popped up, but by the 80s had faded, becoming more about the personal styles of women and less about what retailers force upon them. 
Read more about the history of the midi skirt here and here.

Where to find midi skirts?

Midi skirts are actually quite easy to find as of lately, especially since they're coming back! However, I've compiled a short list including the places that I've found that have a wider and/or nicer selection of midi skirts.

ASOS. Asos has such a huge variety of midi skirts that you can choose from. They have by far the largest selection out of all the other retailers that I've looked at and they have a great variety, with some midi skirts that are more ready for the evening, some more fitting for the daytime, and some that can go either way. Currently, they have over 1,000 different midi skirts on their website that you can purchase and there are so many cute ones! Although the sizing at ASOS is not always consistent, since they have a variety of brands, they offer free shipping and free returns (not positive on the free returns) just in case the midi skirt that you purchase doesn't quite fit.

ModCloth. If you're going for the retro look instead of the modern take on the midi, ModCloth has lots of retro styles for midi skirts. This is probably a better option if you're looking for office wear rather than a casual look. There are also some more whimsy patterns that you can choose from at ModCloth, if you're the kind of person that likes fancy patterns rather than your run-of-the-mill polka dots or stripes. ModCloth has midi skirts that are perfect for day looks. 

Boohoo. If you're looking for an edgier midi skirt that isn't necessarily what they would be wearing back in the 40s, Boohoo has some more modern and edgier midi skirts that you can select from. They have a wider selection of bodycon midi skirts than ASOS and ModCloth, so if that's the kind of skirt that you're looking for, Boohoo is the place to visit. These midi skirts are a bit more night ready rather than day, so if you're looking for a midi skirt to party in or go out on the town in, then this is the place to look. 

Styling tips

Pair a chunky sweater with a midi skirt to dress it down.

Midi skirts are fun, but sometimes you just want to dress them down. I've been seeing street style looks all over Pinterest of people wearing chunky sweaters with midi skirts. Even with a more dressy skirt, like this gold one, a chunky sweater tones it down, especially if you wear a simple one. It's always great to wear a cozy sweater, even if it's a very basic, solid sweater, with a midi skirt, because it makes you look well put together, but it's actually so comfortable. Wearing midi skirts are so comfortable because a skirt is a lot less constraining than pants and the midi skirt is long enough that you don't have to worry about tugging your hem down. Wear a chunky sweater with a midi skirt and it makes you feel like you're wearing pajamas, but everyone else thinks that a) you have your life together and b) you look super cute. 

Wear shoes that have ankle straps.

I have quite a few pairs of shoes that strap around the ankle, like these lace up flats shown above. The problem with these shoes are that when I wear them with jeans, the pants tend to cover up the ankle straps, which is so disappointing, since the ankle strap adds half of the overall effect to the shoes. Take advantage of the extra leg space and wear your favorite shoes with ankle straps. For example, these lace up flats from Steve Madden tie together (pun intended) this outfit perfectly. The skirt shows off the fancy strings on the shoes so that your ankle straps get their time to shine. 

Pair a midi skirt with a button down for that office chic look.

Forget uncomfortable pencil skirts! Look professional (or at least cute business casual) by pairing a button down with a nice midi skirt. Obviously, the midi skirt that you pick will likely determine how professional you look, but I can almost guarantee that a basic button down will match with your midi skirt. In this example, I paired a burgundy skirt with a chambray button down, so it appears more business casual. However, you can wear a more crisp and professional button down maybe with a black skirt if you want to maintain a higher level of professionalism. 

Pair a structured crop top or bralette and heels with a midi skirt for a night out.

Obviously, this works better with some more glamorous midi skirts, but you can take a normal midi skirt from day to night by pairing it with a more structured crop top and a pair of heels. Midi skirts are so easily transformed from day looks to night looks and really all you need is some darker colors and a more dressy top. You can even pair a midi skirt with a lacy bralette as well, preferably black to get more of a night look. Take this moment to show off your favorite bralette or a more structured crop top that you would never wear on a day to day basis. Throw on some heels with the skirt to finish off the night look and add a bit more glam. 

My midi skirt picks:

If you were wondering, the two midi skirts that I've shown in these pictures are linked, plus some other midi skirts that have me totally swooning!

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